The ASECU celebrated their 65th anniversary last year!  

ASECU could not survive without you, the members.  To thank you, we will have four - $65 drawings in 2020. In June and December, one active share account holder AND one active loan on file will be drawn at random.  Winners will have $65 deposited into their share account.

June Drawing -           Share Account: Kathleen Mohabir     Loans: Roy Good

December Drawing -

Incentive $20$20

For the past 65 years, the ASECU has steadily grown and flourished because of its loyal members. In 2019, we hit the $5.5 million asset mark with almost 1000 members.  As we enter a new decade, 2020, we will continue their friendly service and conveniences with low, competitive loan rates and top-notch share rates. As an incentive to save and take out loans, we will hold quarterly drawings. (March, June, September, and December) Any member who has an ending quarterly balance of at least $2020 higher than the beginning quarterly balance, will have their names in a drawing during that quarter. Likewise, anyone who takes out a new loan (minimum of $2020) will be put into a drawing during that quarter.  Winners will have $40 deposited into their share account. 

Winners will be notified after each of these drawings and posted on our website!

1st Quarter - Savings: John & Donna Phillips     Loans: Brody Erdman

2nd Quarter - Savings: Beth Telander                Loans: Nathan Knick

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter